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About the Brand

We're a professional beauty brand founded in 1983. We created the very first permanent makeup rotary device and have a mission to make good products that make people look real good. We have an ISO-approved in-house manufacturing facility with a corporate HQ in sunny California.



MIDAS #18U Nano In Use

MIDAS #15 In Use

MIDAS Brow Creation

HIRA Freckle Procedure

LUMI Shading

Brand Testimonial


How It Works

  1. Read this page in its entirety and if you’re interested, please complete our content creation form HERE.

  2. Once completed, our team will review and send you an email. From there you will add our Content Bundle to your cart and use a code given to you by our team to compensate for the product price. You will be responsible for any shipping fees.

  3. Film and send your completed videos to us within 2 weeks of receiving your product by sharing a Dropbox or Google Drive folder with Please also send an email letting us know which products you used and where.



Once the content has been submitted and approved, you will receive:

  • Ability to keep content pack (which always contains extra product)
  • Artist Interview Feature on our blog and emails! We will email you separately to coordinate!


Guidelines & Notes

  • Include a description of what product was used (color, needle number, etc) and technique. 

  • Always make sure to include the MEI-CHA products within the video frame/shot

  • For naming and product notes, we find it’s easiest to name your videos numerically (1, 2, 3) and email us corresponding product-used notes. Example Video 1: MIDAS #11, Black/Brown Pigment, Hairstrokes, etc.

  • Use an iPhone or Android to record (a professional camera is also great if you have it!)

  • Videos and any photos should be taken in bright lighting with a neutral background with no other items in the shot

  • Please do not add filters or video effects. We also don’t need anything edited!

  • Share completed content via Google Drive or Dropbox to



Video and photos will be used for MEI-CHA’s marketing efforts including (but not limited to): paid advertising campaigns, Instagram feed, email marketing, and website. We will not use your name on certain campaigns such as paid ads or email gifs unless you provide us with a watermarked image.


Other Ideas?

Do you have another idea for collaboration other than what you're seeing above? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email at

We are always looking for long-term content creation partners. To hear more about what this entails, send us an email!