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All About Permanent Eyeliner

  • 2 min read

You know all aboutbrows andlips. In the spirit of permanent makeup, we are here to talk about lash line enhancement AKA permanent eyeliner! 

What is it?

Permanent eyeliner is what it sounds like: eyeliner that stays. It’s a semi-permanent tattoo on the lash line, which fades after about one year. The pigment is deposited on the top surface of the skin to give the effect of fuller lashes.

Who is it for? 

It’s for clients who normally wear eyeliner. Just like eyeliner, there are styles of “applying” permanent eyeliner. For example,thicker vs.tight liners andHD vs.powdery finish. 

The goal is to make the eyes brighter and the lashes fuller. The shape of the liner should naturally enhance the eyes. You can wear makeup in addition to permanent eyeliner for a more dramatic look. 

The biggest benefit of permanent eyeliner? It removes all those eyeliner struggles of applying it just right (so you will always be on time for work instead of spending twenty minutes on that perfect cateye!). Also, permanent eyeliner gives stays put while you stay active. Say bye to smudging and runny liner!

How is it done?

Prior to this procedure, the client needs to remove any lash extensions or makeup.

Anumbing cream is then applied to the area. Once the cream sets, the client will feel a vibrating sensation during the procedure. The procedure is done using amachine

After the procedure, the client can’t wear contacts or mascara for 7 days, get the eye area wet via, including saunas and pools, for 2 weeks. The area willheal within 7-10 days. 

What’s the cost?

Permanent eyeliner typically costs $200 - $600 for both eyes, over multiple sessions. 

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