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Article: Grow Your Portfolio: Finding & Working with Models

Grow Your Portfolio: Finding & Working with Models

Are you ready to take your beauty business to the next step and grow your portfolio? It might be time for a professional photoshoot, which requires hiring models. There’s a process to finding and working with talent and we’re breaking it down for you below! 

Know your audience

It all starts with knowing your brand story and staying true to it. Keep your target audience in mind: demographic, interests, age and needs. The ideal model represents your target audience (and of course, brings out the best in your products / services!) The right model will “speak” to your potential clients. 

Finding models

No matter your budget, you can find great models if you know where to look. Many models are looking to build their portfolio and they will work with small businesses to gain experience. PRO Tip: Look in Facebook groups or on Instagram. 

When you put out a call for models, know what you are looking for. We recommend a short intro and link to your business. State your purpose, whether it’s shooting for a look book, modeling for a training, or appearing in product photos. Include the logistics, such as dates, location, attire, and compensation. Lastly, include how you’d like models to apply. 

One example of a call:

“Hi! We’re a permanent makeup studio based in Austin, TX. [Include IG profile] We’re looking for a model for lip blush training session on March 6-7 from 10am - 2pm. Compensation is $250 for both days. Apply on our website and include 3 images of your best work.” 

If you are looking for models with no previous permanent makeup, say so. Make sure to think about featuring models with all different skin tones, hair color and ethnicities for your portfolio. Provide all the info to increase your chances of finding the right model for your brand. 

Briefing for the photoshoot

Research is everything! We love mood boards. Have pictures and poses for your model and photographer to reference. Tell your model about your target audience and the purpose of your shoot so they can prepare as well!

Make a list before the shoot: in action, products, close-ups, and different angles. This will help you stay on track and make the most of your shoot.  


We want to hear your tips for growing your portfolio. Leave them in the comments below!

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