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Article: An Interview With Permanent Makeup Artist, Charli Oquendo

An Interview With Permanent Makeup Artist, Charli Oquendo

Tell us all about you!

Hello! My name is Charli. I currently live in Savannah, GA. I am a mom and that is probably my most rewarding job. Family is the single most important thing to me. I currently own a cosmetic tattoo business, TaliRose Aesthetics. In my spare time I like to learn AS MUCH as humanly possible about my mind, what we are capable of, and how to further my goals. I am a firm believer in cruelty free products and supporting businesses that do not engage in animal suffering.

Tell us about TaliRose Aesthetics! @talirose.aesthetics

My current business is a cosmetic tattoo eyebrow studio. I started this business as a single mom with absolutely no other job! It was terrifying to say the least but it has been so rewarding. Having a strong why and an unbreakable belief in YOURSELF is crucial to getting past the struggles of getting your business out there and creating a name for yourself. I learned how important it is to learn from others who have been where you are wanting to go and follow their path to success. Because of this I’m starting another business that will be based online to help other moms bring their dreams to reality just like I did.

What does courage mean to you? How do you transform the fear into something constructive? What would you tell someone who’s on the precipice of a big decision but is holding back because of fear?

As someone who was paralyzed by fear for YEARS, I know how crippling it can be and how much it can hold you back from taking the first step to start something new. But I think of it this way, you can continue to sit and be paralyzed by fear or you can embrace the unknown and THRIVE. Even staying in a “secure” and “comfortable” situation is never guaranteed to last forever. So instead I choose to have faith in myself and my abilities and go after my desires and allow myself to grow into the person I’m meant to be.

MEI-CHA is all about community! We want to celebrate your community and those who’ve helped you along your journey. Is there a person, group, organization, resource, etc that you want to thank for their efforts, support, mentorship, love or encouragement?

My mom, my business coach Raya @bosses_in_beauty, and the owner of my spa Tanya @polishedbeautylounge for having faith and believing in me.


I love MEI-CHA because they truly speak to the needs of their customers, provide high quality products, and give extreme value.

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone who is starting their journey in the beauty industry?

Don’t give up! Stay stronger! And push through! It’s not a cake walk so be prepared to take some hits and learn how to get up stronger and better each time.

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