Mission Statements for Your Beauty Business By Kimberly Crider

Let’s chat about mission statements!

You can do a Google search and find a million examples and steps to create a mission statement, but to be frank, stop copying what other people are doing because your mission needs to be personal to you. It shouldn’t be cookie cutter or complicated. When someone reads your mission statement, it should scream authenticity. Do not get caught up in what everyone else has. Look inside yourself, your mission is already there. 

So what is a mission statement?

It’s what you’re going to do and how you plan on achieving that. Maybe you want to change the way people view clean beauty and you’re going to do that by making products affordable and accessible. Maybe you want to create a space for people to come together and you’re going to do that by having a killer brand and interactive events. This isn’t stuffy, it’s just why you started your business. 

What’s the difference between a mission statement and the millions of other things?

Purpose, vision, mission, values, objectives - guys so many words to describe what you should do or need. But can I be real honest one second? You could have the most eloquently written outline of all the things but if you’re not making money, why does it matter? Do not get overwhelmed by what everyone else says you need to have a successful business - IT’S YOUR BUSINESS. Do what feels good for you. Off my soapbox now. Here is a quick outline of the differences:

Purpose: Why you exist beyond making money

Vision: Your end goal

Mission: What you’re going to do and how you plan on doing it

Values: Foundation for your culture - how you behave or place importance on

Objectives: Your business goals

How do you get started?

Let’s do an exercise!

Spend some time free writing about why you’re doing what you’re doing. Why did you start your business? Who are you wanting to help? What is motivating you to keep moving forward? Now spend some time organizing it into a few sentences. You’re done!

What’s your mission statement?! Share it with us in the community group!

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