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Article: Creating an Ambiance in Your Space

Creating an Ambiance in Your Space

Your space, whether it’s home or work, is your sanctuary. It brings you joy and allows you to create memories. It’s where you go every day to do your best work and be your best self. It’s true: your surroundings affect everything from physical health (your heart rate and brain activity) to productivity (your concentration and creativity). As creatives, how do you create a space that inspires you? 

Keep your space alive

Decorating is a journey -- your space is alive, so your interior will evolve with it too. But your space is also not a chameleon -- there needs to be some constance to your surroundings for you to feel settled. We like to take inspiration from the outdoors and keep space alive by bringing in live elements: plants, stone and water.

A variety of materials adds texture and color to your space. Incorporating stone is a popular choice for beauty studios because it signifies strength and calmness. (Flat river stones? Love.)

Stay true to your brand

It’s tempting to create a look with a mix of products and styles. There’s endless inspiration from timeless and modern to bohemian and eclectic. A matchy-matchy look doesn’t necessarily mean the ideal ambiance. On the other hand, having too many styles is an overwhelming look. 

Your ambiance is part of your lifestyle and brand. Your style choices should speak to the kind of artist you are. Don’t compromise on quality. Seek out products made from salvaged or sustainable sources if eco-friendliness is part of your brand. 

Privacy & comfort

No matter what style you decide, the client experience must be at the center of it. Clients want to feel comfortable when they come to you. What this looks like is a minimal waiting area that’s not too cluttered and distracting. For new clients, you want them to feel serene when they enter and leave your space. 

To add a comfy vibe, throw in rugs, cushions and blankets. To add a sense of privacy, consider folding screens, hanging tapestries. 

If you can imagine doing PMU procedures and meditate in the same space, you’ve hit a good balance! 

How do you create an ambiance in your space? Let us know in the comments!

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