How to Retain Artists in Your Studio

People are the heart of the permanent makeup industry. Finding permanent makeup artists to work with is a matter of skills & personalities meshing. Turnover is inevitable but it helps your business to retain great artists and grow with them. Some tips? 

Hire Well

Interviews take time and effort! We recommend having the artist meet with multiple people on the team to get a better idea of how they fit. Skills tests are also a must!

If there are any red flags or concerns, address them right away. Not every PMU artist’s style will resonate with you. You want to bring on an artist whose work you like. 

Take Care Of Employees

The #1 thing is to offer fair wages. It shows that you value great service. Provide training opportunities so your staff can learn skills like lip blush and lash lifts.

 Create open communication channels. Showcase each other’s work if you are a collective of PMU artists. Prove to new employees that you are invested in them for the long haul & be proud of their work!

Create A Positive Environment

Promote a peaceful environment where artists let each other do their best work. After all, everyone’s goal is to create amazing looks for their clients! Community and self care apply to your team as well. A few ideas: putting family first, flexible schedule, team lunches and celebrations.

Do you have tips for working in a team of artists? Let us know in the comments!

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