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Article: Health + Safety (How to Execute a Perfect Tray Setup) by Amanda Grebinsky

Health + Safety (How to Execute a Perfect Tray Setup) by Amanda Grebinsky

To drastically reduce the risk of transmission when it comes to performing a PMU procedure, there are a few important things you must be aware of and a few steps that you should follow. 

How to categorize your tools + supplies 

It can be a lot of information remembering how to properly set up your procedure area. It can be helpful to categorize your tray and supplies into 3 zones. Each zone can then be broken down again into REUSABLE / NON-REUSABLE. 

CRITICAL ZONE (Red Zone) Supplies or equipment that punctures the skin or enters the tissue of the body

  • Reusable: Microblade handle
  • Non-reusable: Microblade 

SEMI-CRITICAL ZONE (Yellow Zone) Supplies or equipment that come in contact with the mucous membrane or non-intact skin, BUT is not intended to puncture the skin

  • Reusable: Stainless pigment cup holder
  • Non-reusable: Nitrile gloves

NON CRITICAL ZONE (Green Zone) Supplies or equipment that come in contact with only intact skin

  • Reusable: Cosmetic brow pencil
  • Non-reusable: Mapping string + brow ruler

Tray setup checklist

Most artists will have “two-tray setups” for a single procedure. This refers to the fact that there will be supplies and tools present on the procedure tray ( Things like mapping supplies, pigment bottles, etc) Items that are used during the pre-draw portion of the appointment and will then be removed before the procedure begins, and the skin has become "broken".

We refer to these two tray setups as:

  • PRE TREATMENT TRAY (Mapping + consultation)
  • TREATMENT TRAY (Treatment tray)

How to determine what is reusable and what is single-use

The easiest way I like to explain this topic to my new students is this... Essentially, whatever doesn't belong to the client or whatever you are not willing to throw away at the end of the procedure, should not be present in the procedure area. This rule primarily applies to critical and semi-critical items. Of course, you would not be willing to throw away your green soap bottle or your pigment cup holder at the end of the appointment, so in this case, you make sure to wrap those items with a plastic barrier film if present during the procedure. 

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