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Article: Maintaining Momentum by Erin Skipley

Maintaining Momentum by Erin Skipley

You have a calling to work in beauty, to help people feel confident and cared for. It’s so wonderful! You follow that calling and have great ideas about creating a business around that passion. The thought of it brings joy and excitement, and so you begin working at it. You start taking classes, and moving forward with lots of glorious momentum!  But there comes a time when the massive investment of time and money becomes overwhelming and you may forget your power. You begin to second guess your choices and want to quit. I wanted to share some thoughts on this because it’s a rite of passage to where you want to go. Most of us experience tough days as we learn something new, grow, and expand into our businesses. It’s normal. Here are a few ways that I keep my vision clear and stay in a mode of expansion.

  1. Connect to your future self, and visualize the most ideal outcomes. For me, my ideal outcome is caring for my family and potentially changing the lives of women who need help to elevate from difficult life circumstances. Buying a house, having plenty of money, good health, and abundance around me. Connecting to this future ideal vision will help you to set financial goals, and see the bigger picture. Keep your eye on the prize and remember why you are working so hard to make it happen.
  2. Find mentors. You can eventually do it all on your own, but why not avoid pitfalls and take advice from someone who’s already done it. If you lose sight of your vision, your mentor reminds you of what you’re capable of and shows you the path forward. Finding the right mentor will save you time and money. But don’t hire the first person on IG that shows up talking about coaching!! Find someone who has the skill set that you admire and has built something similar to what you’d like to create. There are many coaches and trainers out there with little integrity who will happily take your money. Do your research and make decisions based on personal connections.
  3. Understand Reciprocity. We ALL need friends in the industry, it makes life a lot easier knowing that you aren’t alone. Start by giving the support that you want to receive! Show up in socials to support artists and brands that you admire, and soon you may have industry BFFs who inspire you AND support you as well.
    There should always be an exchange of energy when asking for help, don’t just be a taker!  Make sure to do your part and give back. Generosity and reciprocity have exponential returns in your favor and build industry friends for life.
  4. Celebrate ALL the wins! Big and small. Appreciate all the energy and hard work that you put into creating your business. Highs and lows are par for the course. Keep going, stay focused on daily progress, no matter how small. 
  5. Stay in the energy of growth.  Don’t go down the road of thinking about everything that could go wrong. Speaking negative thoughts into existence only perpetuates them and gives them energy. What you give your energy to will grow. Speak your success instead. Assume that you’ll succeed, and make powerful decisions to invest in yourself.
  6. Do YOU. Avoid comparing your progress and your skills with those of others. Social media is really tough in that way. You’ve probably heard the quote ‘Comparison is the killer of Joy’.  The fact that someone else may be further ahead or have perfected their skills, serves as an example of what is possible for you. It is not a race. Keep showing up and doing the work to get there.
  7. Rest and Be Present.  This is the hardest part for me. It takes a lot of hard work and stamina to get a business off the ground, the wheels are constantly turning. You have to allow yourself time to refill the tank or you will crash and burn. Schedule in time for self-care, and device-free time with loved ones.
  8. Gratitude. Every day, especially on tough days, you need to find things to be thankful for. It’s the most magnetic state and will bring more of what you want into your life and business. 

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