Mothers Day Marketing for Beauty Businesses

Mother’s Day: For all the caretaking they do 24/7, it’s now our time to show them love, attention and care. Such a personal holiday is a good chance to treat the moms in our lives. Mother’s Day isn’t the sole territory of flower and card shops -- as a beauty business owner, you can market for the day in a way that’s unique to permanent makeup. Here are five marketing ideas to tailor Mother’s Day for the permanent makeup industry: 

  1. Picture modern families

Your target audience for Mother’s Day is broad. There are several maternal figures in people’s lives, from grandmothers, mothers-in-law, godmothers, to girl friends. Your audience includes your current customers and who they are celebrating.

  1. Make your offer

Position your offerings as a way to show mothers care and attention, like custom portraits, creative workshops, body rejuvenation sessions, or yoga and meditation classes. For potential clients who are not ready to commit, consider consultations so they can get to know your work. 

  1. Message

Once you’ve figured out what services or products to offer for Mother’s Day, set up a marketing strategy. It could be a pre-summer package, something to help make her life easier/better, or a way to honor what she already wants. 

  1. Celebrate widely

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, good weather, and summer looming, start your promotional period early and consider extending your offers for a few days to one to two weeks. Schedule your emails, social media posts, and Facebook and Instagram ads accordingly.

  1. Keep in touch

With all the extended audience you now have contact with, it’s time to keep in touch with them. Every person either is a mother, has a mother, or knows a mother. Let them know what you’re offering for Mother’s Day, and what it would mean for the special women in their lives. When gift recipients set up appointments, add them to your email list and keep them in the loop.

How do you celebrate the women in your life? Let us know in the comments!

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