What is a Needle Safety Statement and Why Do You Need It

As a form of body art, permanent makeup follows the same safety rules as tattoos. It’s necessary to have needle safety statements on hand so that your clients can be confident in the service they receive, and you as an artist can continue practicing.

Needle safety is super important because tattooing is inherently risky, so it must be done safely and correctly. Some of the risks that are involved in using non-sterile needles include allergic reactions, infection, and skin complications such as MRI and granulomas. 

A needle safety statement tells clients that the microblades are 100% disposable, individually packaged, and have been sterilized. Each needle also comes with a unique lot number, sterilization date, and certification of sterilization. 

Why do you need it?

  1. Needle safety statements build trust. The more clients know about the equipment you are using, and what is going on their skin, the more confident they will be.
  2. Needle safety statements communicate expertise. As a PMU artist, you show professionalism and uphold our industry to high standards when you make safety statements a regular part of your practice.
  3. Needle safety statements are another form of protection against risks involved in body art. 

If you currently have a MEI-CHA LUMI device and would like to request a safety statement, send us an email to hello@mei-cha.com!  If you need a sterilization certificate for your MEI-CHA needles you can request one here

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