History of Lunar New Year

Do you know what Lunar New Year is?! We’re incredibly proud to share a bit about this special holiday with you. Read on to learn more about Lunar New Year and the year of the tiger!
History of Lunar New Year
      • Lunar New Year begins with the first new moon of the lunar calendar which is why it is on a different day every year!
      • Lunar New Year is not just a Chinese holiday as many believe. It is celebrated in many Asian countries.
      • Each year is paired with a zodiac sign and element. 2022 is the year of the water tiger.
      • Red is typically the color that represents Lunar New Year as it represents good fortune and happiness.
      • The celebrations normally last two weeks. There’s quite a few ways to celebrate, but the emphasis is always spending time with loved ones.
Year of The Tiger 
      • In the Chinese zodiac, each year is represented by an animal (twelve total) and an element (five total) which is said to give understanding to that year. 
      • The animals and elements are paired together and cycle through every year. 2022 has an animal sign of tiger and element sign of water. 
      • Each animal and element possesses a unique combination of characteristics and energy that is said to guide the year. 
      • Tigers are often daring, courageous and intuitive, and water is associated with emotions, creativity and fluidity. 
      • This year you can expect big changes, opportunities for career advancement, a powerful inner voice and freedom in surrendering to the ebbs and flows of life.
      • From all of us at MEI-CHA we’re wishing you a new year filled with happiness, good fortune, and real good memories. 
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