Your Guide To All Things Lips

Your work is only as good as the tools you’re using but in a world full of ALL the products, tips and opinions trying to navigate what to use can be confusing AF. We’ve compiled some of our artist favorites to help make sense and find some clarity. Read on to learn more about needles, pigments, anesthetics and essentials most commonly used for lip blush procedures. 

Needles For Lip Blush

Our FAVORITE needle configurations for lip blush procedures:

1 Liner - For the lip outline

3 Shader - The OG universal shading needle. Perfect for building and layering pigment.

4 Flat - Great to thicken lip liner

3 or 5 Round - All purpose configuration for full lip shading and more coverage

9 Magnum - Provides a soft, pixelated shade


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Top Five Lip Pigments

Meet our top five imAGe lip pigments:

Rose: Soft rosy pink for a subtle makeup look

Salmon: A subtle red, perfect for those wanting a “plumper” lip effect

Mandarin: A soft warm pink color ideal for most complexions

Natural: A neutral color for a soft MLBB result

Peach: A bright orange developed to neutralize naturally dark lips

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Lip Blush Procedure Essentials

Planning a lip blush procedure? Here are your must haves: 

  1. The right pigment: Choosing the right pigment shade for your clients is a must so using a brand that you know has beautiful healed results is important. 
  2. A machine: While we know this one is a bit obvious, it is obviously a must have for any procedure! We recommend our HIRA Wireless device.
  3. Needles for lip procedures: The needle configuration(s) used depends on the technique and desired outcome.
  4. PPE & Disposables: Disinfectants, pigment cups, masks, gloves, device wrap, and barrier bibs to name a few!
  5. Anesthetics: Keep your clients comfortable with a numbing solution. Our favorite is Zensa cream for pre-numbing.
  6. Mapping Tools: How do you like to map? Pencil, rule, string - there’s quite a few options!

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Lip Blush Anesthetics

Choosing the right anesthetic for your procedure can be confusing to say the least so here’s a breakdown of our top two numbing solutions:

Zensa: A pre-numb cream perfect for pre-numbing the lips.

Numpot: A great multi-tasker balm that can be used to numb AND seal in pigment post procedure. Can be used on open or closed skin at any time during the procedure and has an ointment like consistency.

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Questions? Let us know below or shop our lip blush collection here.

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