Photography Course Roundup + 3 Photo Taking Tips

Quality photos are everything. There are many ways to create gram-worthy images for your beauty business, and the right photo is one that has the potential to book you one or many clients! Here are a few courses that cover how to take polished and professional photos.

Photography Masterclass 

This is a great intro course on how the camera truly works and how to photograph in different scenarios like portraits, landscapes, aerial, product, and more. You will learn how to compose images with basic photography rules and utilize light settings for a polished look. 

iPhone Photography: How to shoot and edit creative photos

A MUST for permanent makeup artists! This course includes tips and tricks on how to shoot on an iPhone and how to use colors intentionally in your images. It even touches upon how to communicate your creative ideas better with your team or clients. 

DIY Product Photography

Behind-the-scenes photos are our favorite. This popular course shows you how to research and sketch concepts, choose the right location and lighting, and styling your shot intuitively with props. All that is missing is the model, special equipment, and set. 

As a bonus, here are 3 photography shortcuts for your consideration:

  1. Utilize presets. Whichever photo app you use -- Lightroom, VSCO, or A Beautiful Mess -- there are presets, developed by professionals,  that you could download for a consistent look and feel for your photos.
  2. Learn to compose. For beauty products / shoots especially, symmetry, natural frames, and contrast help emphasize the best of your work or product. We recommend taking advantage of frames such as windows, open doors, and curtains for a natural look!
  3. Shoot often and revise often. Use Pinterest to create boards for inspiration, composition, and feed ideas.

What photography tips & tricks do you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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