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Article: Touchups and Healed Results by Emilie Tobias

Touchups and Healed Results by Emilie Tobias

Touchups are SCARY. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous every time I head into a second session. Do not worry if this is you too. Being nervous is a way of the body creating hormones similar to adrenaline and is your body’s natural way of helping you to do your best.

It took and is still taking time for me to adjust to different skin types and how they heal. I was always so scared to talk about this when I very first started. I have learned in the last year that talking about what I am feeling when heading into a touchup session or after a touchup session with other colleagues helped me expand my own style and techniques when performing permanent beauty. Healed results and loss of pigment need to be normalized, especially when learning. 

For the artists who feel like they're stuck in a rut when it comes to their touchups & healed results: I still am, and will probably be reminding myself of these for the rest of my permanent makeup career. Here are my tips to move forward even with fear.

Think positive. optimism and positive thinking is a great tool for stress relief! If your body is stressed you will not be able to perform to your best ability.

Be open and upfront about the process. Don’t try to sell the brow but sell your technique and your confidence in delivering it.

Work with the client's natural beauty. This helps them feel more comfortable coming into their touchup and then you can work with darkening the color or tweaking any imperfections. I always tend to go a bit lighter the first session and work my way progressively.

Always go light handed and work slow.  (When working slowly, you are not damaging the client's skin; therefore healed results are going to be much better than speeding through the appointment.)

Have confidence. One of my favorite tv shows (Grey’s Anatomy) shows that if you stand in a superhero position then you are GOING to perform like a superhero. There is nothing wrong with being confident in yourself and what you can achieve.

Think of it as a learning curve and learn how to improve. PMU artists are improving day to day, along with different techniques, and different materials used. Improving the way you produce a healed result can always improve your skill knowledge. Take each session as a learning curve and move forward. And never regret spending your time and earnings on upgrading your knowledge. There is never anything wrong with more education.

Do not be discouraged. I know we have all been there. I have definitely had days where I even question if I am where I am supposed to be or if this is what I am meant to be doing. Just remember you got this far, put in this much work, and all of it was not for nothing. Take a few minutes, feel sorry for yourself, then move forward. If you don’t believe in yourself you will not believe in the work you can produce. If you are not happy with the healed results, offer free touch-ups until you are confident you can hold retention the first session.

Follow Emilie @faceartisttt and see work from MEI-CHA artists @meicha_official!

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