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Article: Social Media for Your Business

Social Media for Your Business

Social media is a small business essential. As an artist, your creative brand is everything. You can grow your social media following with these tips.

Find community 

Social media puts you on the map in the PMU community. You can find inspiration and spot trends by following other PMU artists and trainers. The beauty of social media is that once you begin following others in the business, your own following will grow too. 

  • Tag your pictures with relevant hashtags (#pmuartist, #microblading, #combobrows)
  • Follow relevant and active accounts (quality over quantity; you don’t need to follow only accounts with many followers) 
  • Share your followers’ / clients’ stories (sharing is the glue of this industry)  

BTW, following and engaging those you see as competitors is a must. Remember, community OVER competition! Those artists may just be your next BFF and have opportunities you didn’t even know existed.


It’s a fact: Instagram’s all about engagement. It’s a way to get inquiries and feedback -- aka sales and customer service. 

That said, keep social media personal. The goal is not a huge number of followers or likes, but rather truly engaged fans. There are a few differences between managing accounts for business and personal. We recommend using a daily checklist so that you can steadily grow your following:

  • Liking and commenting on a number of unique posts daily 
  • Responding to comments and DMs (helpful to have templates for common questions)
  • Viewing and commenting on stories (great way to build a personal connection)
  • Checking your followers and liking their pictures

Daily engagement can lead to real sales and partnerships. It’s a worthwhile use of your time! Don’t have that time? There are so many consultants in today’s world who would take that off your plate.

Plan content 

Creating content is an art and science all at the same time. We recommend tools such as Planoly, Hootsuite or Buffer to better create and automate posting. A consistent feed and posting regularly says good things about your business. 

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