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Article: The Art of Lip Blush Tattoo Consultation

The Art of Lip Blush Tattoo Consultation

Just getting into cosmetic lip tattoos and not sure where to start with a consultation? Let’s chat about it! Lip blush client consultations are almost entirely the same as brows. 

Medical History

Have your clients fill out a complete paperwork packet. Not sure why that’s important? Read about record keeping here. Discuss contraindications - cold, pregnancy, etc. 

Discover the Why and What

Why do they want the procedure? What are they looking to enhance? What styles do they like? 

Ask yourself if you will be able to meet their expectations and give them what they’re looking for. Ask the questions on shape and color. Test colors on their skin and review healed results. Clearly communicating every aspect of the lip procedure will ensure both you and the client are happy with the outcome. 


Remember the scenario on not taking photos (found here)? Take clear before photos from every angle!


Draw your shape around the lips as precise as possible. Next, fill in the entirety of the lips with a pigment applicator and chosen pigment. Once you are satisfied with the results, use a mirror and show your client. Change design according to their notes. Once you are both happy, take photos from every angle!

Client consultation complete! Next step - implanting the lip pigment. 

Review Healing

Review the healing process with them. If bruising occurs during procedure, let the client know it  will be temporary, swelling will go down in a couple hours after procedure. Talk about the pigment fading and possible flaking. Preparing them for what is to come could save you a few angry texts! 

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Tips

  • Always design on clean skin
  • Outline should not be more than 1 mm away from the actual vermilion border
  • Check your pigment implementation after each section
  • Pay attention to corners of the lips

Our favorite needles for lip procedures are the LUMI 8R and 9U Mag. What about you? Let us know in the comments!


Can I use 9U Mag for any machines for lip tattoo?

Kathy M Luu

Can I use 9U Mag for any machines for lip tattoo?

Kathy M Luu

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