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Article: History of MEI-CHA Global

History of MEI-CHA Global

You know what we get asked about all the time? Our history! We decided it's time to let you in on who we are as a company and where we are headed. 

1980 --  Lin Su Lin opened her first Permanent Makeup studio.

1982 --  Kue C Chou, husband of Lin Su Lin, partnered with an engineer to develop the world’s first vertical motorized Permanent Makeup Device. Mr. Chou later named the device Blue Standard.

1983  -- Lin Su Lin and Mr. Chou established MEI-CHA Taiwan, introducing Blue Standard at the Singapore Beauty Conference.

1992  --  Blue Standard was released for sale in the US Market. Lin McKinstry, sister of Lin Su Lin, established MEI-CHA Global, located in Irvine, CA

1993 -- MEI-CHA sponsored the first international PMU conference. 300 PMU professionals attended, traveling from 15 different countries 

1993  -- Dynasty Onyx 1000 the first device with detachable needle chamber was released

1994 -- MEI-CHA opened a full assembly factory in Taiwan

2001 -- Sara Chou, daughter of Lin Su Lin and Kue C Chou stepped in as the Director for MEI-CHA Taiwan.

2002 -- MEI-CHA received the first “Industry Leadership Award” from SPCP in recognition of product research and development

2016 -- Lin McKinstry retired, passing MEI-CHA Global down to Eric Chou, son of Lin Su Lin and Kue C Chou, and his wife Lillian Su.

2017 -- MIDAS was released, the tool that re-invented Microblading - setting a new industry standard.

2018 -- LUMI was released the first digital PMU machine by MEI-CHA with completely disposable cartridge needle.

2019 -- MEI-CHA Global bought a building in Lake Forest, CA and partnered with HighbrowLab to host beauty training.

2021 -- HIRA was launched, our first wireless device!

We are SO proud of where we came from and where we are headed! Was there anything surprising you learned? Let us know in the comments!


I need the number to place an order


What a rich and interesting history! Mei-cha couldn’t be in better hands than those of Eric and Lillian who clearly have a passion for this company and a clear vision. Cheers to the future of Mei-cha, I’m honored to be affiliated with this company!

Anna Reed

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