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Article: The Importance of a Sterile Setup by Colleen Rogenmuser

The Importance of a Sterile Setup by Colleen Rogenmuser

I took my first microblading course in December of 2016.  I didn’t know what to expect, and my nerves were only amplified by the fact that I was given about 90 very rushed minutes to complete my first ever client.  Nothing about this class felt right, from the setup to the brow mapping. The tray setup in particular had me questioning things. Nothing on the tray was labeled sterile or individually packaged. I was coming from a background in quality control laboratories and dermatology, so sterility was drilled into my head from day one. I knew moving forward that I would ensure my clients’ safety with ample amounts of time and a sterile setup every time.  

As permanent makeup artists, our clients trust us with the shape and look of their eyebrows, liner, and lips and their well-being.  With a major increase in the number of artists getting certified in the permanent makeup industry, insurance agencies are being flooded with claims of injury or infection. The easiest way to protect our clients and ourselves as artists is to spend the extra money on sterile products. It costs just about $10-$15 more per client, which is worth every penny when you think about the alternative. 

My tray setup always includes individually packaged gauze, sterile gloves, surgical q-tips, and all things MEI-CHA. MEI-CHA makes it so easy to keep everything clean with their packaged pigment rings and disposable tools. I feel so much more confident in my work every time I meet a new client knowing I have the time, and the proper tools to move forward and give them the best service I can offer. 

Follow Colleen @colortheoryct and find more setup tips by PMU artists.

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