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Article: All About Powder Brows

All About Powder Brows

What happens if microblading is not right for a client? Powder brows are a great alternative. In fact, many clients ask for the soft makeup look even if they don't have oily skin.

Microblading vs. Microshading 

Microblading uses needles that are configured in a row in a gliding motion to manually create hair strokes. It's great for filling in gaps and creating a crisp look. The results heal best on dry skin.

On oily skin, microblading strokes may blur and fade faster, resulting in less-than-ideal result and requiring more touch ups. This is when Microshading comes in, the technique creates filled in, soft brows. It’s suitable for clients who have sparse brows, where as just microblading could appear less realistic. 

Powder Brows 

Powder brows have a shadow or ombre look. Instead of fine hair strokes, tiny dots or pixels of pigment are deposited by machine. The artist works with the client’s skin type and desired result to either stop at a few layers for a light appearance, or more for a bolder look. 

The cost? $400 to $1000 per session depending on the artist.

The first appointment involves mapping, numbing, and the initial shading. It typically takes about three hours. There will be some redness and scabbing initially. 6 - 8 few weeks later, the brows are touched up. 


The small imperfections like uneven brows and bald spots are gone. Clients will not have to fill in their brows again with the annual touch up, although they can wear brow gels or outline them for a more dramatic look. A nice bonus? There’s no need to worry about sweating off eyebrow pencil marks.

Adding powder brows to your menu? Shop LUMI now. 

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