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Article: Planning Holiday Sales

Planning Holiday Sales

Ah the smell of fall in the 90 degree air. California may stay hot through September, but we are already planning for colder days. One of our favorite ways to spend September is to batch plan our holiday sales and campaigns! Read on for some of our favorite tips.


The first step for getting your holidays in order is to PLAN! First ask yourself:

What months have holidays that I want to acknowledge and or celebrate?

Think about what you personally celebrate as well as what you believe fits your brand. For us at MEI-CHA, we’ve decided that our brand does not celebrate every holiday with a sale nor do we talk about a ton of holidays on our channels. Figure out what works best for you.

What days will I be unable to work due to the holidays? 

Maybe you’re taking some time off to be with your family in November or want to take an extended holiday in December. Decide when you will be unavailable and plan accordingly.

What are some ways that I can include the season or holidays into my services?

I’d be lying if I said I hate pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters and getting all the fall facials - call me basic, I don’t care. Think through ways that feel authentic to YOU and your brand to include the seasons into your services! Maybe it’s a special essential oil, facial or drink that you have on hand. 

What are some ways that I can intentionally sell to my target market during this time?

See how the words intentionally sell are in that sentence? We aren’t big fans of flashing lights announcing a sale (although sign us up for a neon sign) or overt sales tactics (build your community & be authentic - they will come). You know what your clients need - create a sales plan that focuses on that. Maybe in November you give a service to someone in need that your clients get to nominate. Maybe in December you coordinate with their partners for gift certificates. Whatever feels right typically is.

Organize Inventory

Order new products to support any seasonal specials as well as inventory to bump up any sale pieces. One of my favorite ways to celebrate December is to do a gift with any service. This could be oat milk chocolate or a crystal! Pick what works for you. Also make sure to order any seasonal wrapping, gift certificates or small bags to hold your gifts with purchase!

Create Marketing Materials & Content

I love planning ahead (most of our content here is done at least one month ahead of time!). Not only does planning ahead feel good, but it helps you stay organized and your brand cohesive. Once you’ve decided your sales and specials, create content and materials  to support it! Some examples might be: email marketing campaigns, social posts, blog posts, pinterest boards (or pins), IG live videos, tik toks, flyers, postcards, service catalogs, etc.

Have you planned your holiday sales yet? Let us know in the comments!

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