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Article: All the Brow Treatments

All the Brow Treatments

We take eyebrows seriously around here. As brow artists, it’s important to have the tools to give clients options for the best treatment for them. Here’s a roundup of what’s out there.


Brow lamination is an alternative to microblading. The mini brow perm gives the effect of fluffy brows without using needles. It works by straightening the brow hairs so they lie straight and in the right direction. Brow lamination lasts five to eight weeks. 


Microblading is at the heart of what we do in permanent makeup. It’s one of the longest lasting solutions at 12 to 18 months before it fades (possibly longer depending on the type of pigment used). Because of that, it can take multiple sessions to achieve the desired look from consultation to yearly touch ups.

Machine Brows

Machine brows are an answer for skin that may not retain microblading well. It is also the most diverse method as it can create hairstrokes, powder brows, ombre brows or a combination. This brow treatment works for clients with oily complexion or who have had previously tattooed eyebrows. Touch ups happen yearly.


Brow waxing or sugaring can get stray hairs and tails in order so those brows stay looking good. Threading can maintain the shape of brows, whether it’s a strong arch or more subtle. For clients with sensitive skin, there are options such as trimming and tweezing. A brow-shaping session happens every four to six weeks. 


Tinting makes brows more defined. It creates a fuller look instantly and fixes problems such as fine or transparent hair. With brow tinting, clients have the option to match their brows to their hair color, or go lighter or darker. Brow tinting lasts one to three months. 


Brow tinting and gels normally go together, but if you don’t want to add any color, you can use a brow gel to get stray hairs in order. Remember to push up and lay those brow hairs flat to get the brow lamination effect. 

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