Making the Most of Slow Season

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Maybe you're busy-ness is winding down right now but your calendar is crazy booked in the fall and you're feeling ready to take on new projects. So, how do you make the most of this season? 

Be proud

Reflect on what worked well. We recommend keeping a folder of successes -- i.e. love notes from clients, press coverage, certificates -- and looking at them when you need a little boost. Keep building on the things you’re doing well. 

Plan ahead 

Look at upcoming tradeshows and determine which ones fit with your budget and brand. Plan for materials, contact vendors and get your products ready for spotlight / launch. Preparing for busy season is work during slow season. 

Improve on workflow

Take a step back and look at which tasks are consuming time / energy. Is there anything that regularly gets “stuck”? Whether you’re working solo or have a staff, you’ll want to smooth out those kinks in your workflow. Consider automation tools and revising your manual. 

Take a sweep of your current processes and see how your business might be more productive.

Make connections 

Strengthen your ties with partners, pros and clients. Send goodies to your partners. Keep your clients updated. Celebrate their new projects. If you have new collaborators, get to know them and make a habit of checking in. A personal touch goes a long way.

Get social 

Continue engaging on social media. The PMU community is ever-present. Keep yourself in the loop and continue engaging. New collaborators and opportunities are around the corner during slow season, too!

Sharpen your skills

Remember those goals that you set to get you out of a rut? Now is the time to make them happen. Whether it’s marketing, record-keeping, or beauty services, picking up a new skill takes time. Investing in yourself is investing in your business. 

We challenge you to create a content calendar for 3 months. Planning is key!

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