Become Part of Your Local Community

When we talk about community, we don’t mean just the permanent makeup community. There’s no better place to build community than right where you’re at. We are here to talk about how to tap into your local community to do good and build your business at the same time. 

Give back

There are many ways to give back: your time, products, and services are all valuable. As a beauty artist, you could donate procedures to cancer survivors. If you sell products, you could 

sponsor related events such as retreats or summits that align with your brand. 

Giving back is not just a good thing to do, it also has real benefits for your business. It inspires customer loyalty and builds ties between you and your community.

Source locally

We can’t do everything alone. When you look for help, see if you can source locally. Take recommendations for local caterers, interior designers, accountants, and other services you might need. By working together, you are also advertising your business and making it known to other local businesses. 

When hosting events, research local outlets and their contributors and see who may fit with what you offer. Help goes both ways.

Attend meetups & events

In an increasingly digital world, the ties you form in real life are special. There’s no better way to become part of your local community than to show up and engage. 

Attend meetups and go to industry events. When you make an effort to see and talk to people, it makes an impression. It doesn’t have to be limited to PMU events - look for adjacent groups like aestheticians, entrepreneurs, women and beauty business owners. 

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