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Finding Support for Solopreneurs

  • 2 min read

Being self-employed has lots of benefits: flexibility, choice, and ownership. But being on your own also takes away the support that working in a team provides. We talked to beauty business owners and permanent makeup artists and found that they had common challenges. Read more to find out how to find support as a solopreneur. 

Find community

Working for yourself doesn’t have to mean working alone. Find Facebook groups for your industry or for solopreneurs. Chances are people will have similar questions about pricing and starting out. You might even find local solopreneurs who want to meet up and cowork. 

The great thing about online communities is that you get a network of people who have similar goals. You can add each other on social, find help if you need to outsource work, get recommendations, and support each other on thesolopreneur journey.

Use finance tools

As a business owner, you are the HR and finance department. But your primary work is not. The key is to use tools that automate or streamlinetaxes as much as possible, so you can maximize the time you spend on other tasks. 

We recommend tools specifically designed for freelancers or entrepreneurs, such as TurboTax or QuickBooksSelf-Employed

Schedule time off

One of the biggest differences between being a business owner and employee is that your work never ends. While you have flexibility, it’s not ideal to work 7 days a week. You still need to establish work hoursand off hours. 

For solopreneurship to be sustainable, you need to prevent burnout. 


Even though solopreneurdo do it all, they are not experts in all the things. Sometimes, it may be more efficient or productive to hire a specialist for a task. This could be an accountant, a graphic designer, or marketer. As for where to find them? If you have acommunity, you already know where to look. 

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