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Revamping Your Beauty Business

  • 2 min read

A beauty business is very much alive. It feeds off the energy you give it and responds to what’s around it.Youalso grow, burnout, and recharge. Sometimes the signs point to giving your business a new life. We’re talking about the when & how in this post! 

When to pivot

The first sign is that you no longer have passion for growing. It might be that getting orders and appointments stresses you out rather than excites you. It might also be changes in the industry. Maybe staying in this industry requires training or you no longer feel connected to it. 

Once you’ve decided that it’s time for something new, it’s time to find what inspires you. Identify the resources you need & make a timeline to make it happen. 

Making changes 

Once you decide to make the leap, it’s time to hit the ground. This includes getting and settling into a new space, changing your name and location, sourcing materials, and refocusing your strategy. (Checkour artist interviews for how people have made it work!)

Craft a brand story so you can make consistent changes throughout this process. 

Expecting pushback

What’s most exciting about a new venture is saying yes to newpartnerships and finding new sales avenues through social media.  

When you have new products & services, you’ll have to retrain customers on how to work with your business. Expect some ghosting -- not all clients are flexible. This is where community comes in! You’ll weather the pushback with loyal customers & fans.

Keeping the “known” brand

The #1 thing to keep are the benefits of working with you! Great service doesn’t change. You can bring your original audience to your new customer base when they know to expect the same relationship with you. 

Some tactical tips: Announce your new venture on Facebook and Instagram. Explore Pinterest and add inspiration posts. Build & share your new collections. 

We’re building a community for PMU artists! Join us @meicha_official!

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