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Article: Refreshing Your Website for the New Year

Refreshing Your Website for the New Year

New year, new you. You’ve done your planning and now it’s time to make it happen. We recommend a website and social refresher to get ready for the new year!

Necessary updates

Take a gardening approach to your website: trim the outdated material and grow your current collection. If you have changes in your inventory, take down the products that are no longer offered and add new items to your menu. 

If you have resources such as guides and FAQs on your website, the new year is a great time to revise them. They should be current and concise to be most helpful to clients. Add upcoming events & trainings to round out the updates.  


There’s no beauty industry without clients. Show off photos of your best work. Clients will love to see their photos, with permission, and real people make an online presence more credible. 

Highlighting your clients makes your website personal and testimonials build trust. Lastly, if your team has grown, update profiles of your artists! 

Refresh social media

Social media is how most clients find you. Make your hours and location current (and consistent with what’s on your website.) 

To make conversion happen: Check that links to your shop and appointment requests are working. Lead clients from Instagram to the correct landing pages. 

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