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Article: Choosing a Conference to Go To

Choosing a Conference to Go To

Conferences are where artists meet in real life (and we could use some real life interactions after 2020 quarantine). A lot of work happens online so the chance to be face-to-face with a community can be incredible. However, just because it’s an industry event doesn’t mean it’s right for your business. Here are our tips for choosing the right conference to attend.


What is the conference about and why are you going? Ask yourself questions to break down the why:

Will it help my business? Think sales opportunities, partnerships and exposure.

What do I want to learn? Be specific about the skills you want to pick up.

What kind of presence will I have? At big conferences, it’s easy to get lost in the mix.

Does it fit my brand? Is the conference for established businesses or newcomers?


Depending on your budget, some conferences are not right simply because the return doesn’t justify the cost. 

Staff: Who will you send and what are their tasks at the conference? 

Time: Counting planning, travel and the conference itself, how much time do you have to allot to a conference? 

Money: Registration, hotel and transportation costs add up. Will going to this conference take away from any other business needs?

Where to find events 

A little bit of scoping goes a long way. Broaden your search with the following tips:

  • Find your competitors’ upcoming events.
  • Search for beauty expos, trade shows, and summits. They go by different names!
  • Consider events from adjacent industries like social marketing and entrepreneurship. 


Always keep an eye on growing your business. Narrow down the list by checking conferences against these final criteria:

  • Is the location feasible? Be realistic about your budget and wants.
  • Who is presenting? Is there a pro you’ve always wanted to meet?
  • Who is attending? Speakers are just as important as who else you will meet there.

What’s on your conference calendar next year? Let us know in the comments!

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