Creating Authentic Relationships

Authenticity. A word that is said so often but is hazy on what it really means. We are excited to dissect the meaning of “authentic” and how to form authentic relationships in your business. Read on to find our take on building real connections.


Permanent makeup is a tight knit community and at times, it can feel tricky to walk the line between sharing and oversharing. Our advice? Don’t sweat it. The mirage of everyone has 10s of thousands of followers and hundreds of likes on their work masks a lot. An artist can be successful numbers wise, and also feel unhappy being there. Behind every makeup professional with the most natural brow skills is a story waiting to be told.


There’s a difference between being at the top and being successful. We believe the permanent makeup industry isn’t a hierarchy, and shining the spotlight on different artists is what we do. Whenever you can, pay it forward. Sharing the spotlight builds trust and lets your guard down; it’s an invitation to let others into your space. Invitation is crucial to creating authentic relationships. 

Work in progress

The work of permanent makeup itself is a work in progress, from the first time you map brows on practice skin to the last time you put needle and ink on a client’s face. Every artist’s journey in between those two points is different, and some mistakes are to be expected. In fact, no artist is the same at Year 1 versus Year 7. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle

Relieve yourself of the pressure to be at the same level as artists you follow. By recognizing everyone as a work in progress, including yourself, it frees you from the mindset of measuring artists as a beginner or a competitor. Finally, celebrate mediocrity. Mediocrity makes all of us human, and nothing brings people closer together than giving each other permission to do less than perfect work. 

How do you create authentic relationships? Let us know in the comments!

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