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Article: Online Permanent Makeup Course Roundup

Online Permanent Makeup Course Roundup

Permanent makeup courses are for artists at every stage of their careers -- from beginners needing support to advanced artists enhancing their skills. There are many ways to round out your Permanent Makeup skills in the comfort of your own room or studio. We suggest the following courses for virtual Permanent Makeup skills brushup. 

Brownude Powdered Ombre with Add On Options 

An in-depth fundamentals course in the art of machine powdered ombre brows. This course is recommended for beginners with the option of full kits, including a digital Lumi device to get you started right away.

Brauhaus x Boujee Brows Brow Lamination Masterclass

Brow lamination is a must-have service, and one that is a natural next step for PMU artists who are proficient in brow mapping and have been trained in microblading. Bonus: photo tips & tricks!

Shibu Lips by Marian Rahl

Are you fascinated by how artists create beautiful and natural lips? Shibu lips are an art form unto themselves: symmetry, correcting previous work, tone correcting, and enhancing your client’s natural beauty.  This course will cover retention and the healing process as well!

BTW, have you already mastered fundamental skills and are interested in teaching? We would love to see you as a trainer. We spoke with Amanda Grebinsky of Boujee Brows a while back for tips on creating an online course

What Permanent Makeup courses will you be you enrolling in? Let us know in the comments!

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