Developing Routines

Routines are everything. No matter what your preferences are, routines simplify your life by a ton. Having to make hundreds of choices every day creates stress, so why not take the decision-making out of minor things by sticking to what works -- habits and routines. 

Start the day

Your morning routine is a way to lay the foundation of your day so you can feel your best. Whether you’re an early riser or late starter, there’s a routine for you. Some find that starting the day by working out gets them energetic and feeling good about themselves. Or maybe you opt for a gentle start by taking turns with your partner to cuddle with your littles and get a few minutes to yourself before you start working. Whatever makes you happy - do that.

Next, get your head in the zone by checking emails, DMs and going over what you have to do that day. Move your priorities around a bit depending on what came in late last night. 


When do you feel extra productive and when do you feel more creative? The middle of the day might be when you schedule phone calls and lunch meetups. It might also be when you carve out a block of time to get into your creative flow. Developing routines is about optimizing the day depending on your strengths. 

Remember to nourish yourself when your creativity/productivity is at its peak. 

Wind down

This is the best part of the day - you’ve earned it! Your nighttime routine might include skincare, getting into the comfiest pajamas in your dresser, and settling in to read or watch TV. (Sneak in some scrolling and screen time counts as winding down.) 

To wrap up your day, treat yourself by spraying essential oils, light a candle, or something sensory. It could take an hour or three from unwinding to go to bed, but who’s counting?

What are your tried-and-true routines? Let us know in the comments! 

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