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Article: Giving Yourself a Raise! The Magic of Retail by Georgia Nixon

Giving Yourself a Raise! The Magic of Retail by Georgia Nixon

Congratulations! Your business is a smashing success, and you are fully booked out for weeks or months!  The downside no one told you about being a success? You are also fully tapped out and wondering how on Earth you will ever have a life again. Exercise, nutrition, family time…it has all fallen away as you have been working 10-hour days, 6 days a week. You are also tied to the treatment table. Well, my friend, it is time to reclaim your life while also potentially making more money. 

Let me ask you, are you truly servicing your clients to the BEST of your abilities? Are you truly listening to them, hearing their problems or concerns, and offering solutions? I bet you do when it comes to the exact service you are providing, but are you really listening to and looking at the big picture? Did you know the easiest way to earn more (without working harder/longer hours) is to utilize your current customer/fan base? What better way to do that than by giving your clients MORE VALUE when they are with you!

How to do that? Retail. Yes, retail. One-third of my revenue is retail, and for me, that means that I was able to work one day less a week to spend with my family. The tradeoff for getting over my hesitation to offer my client’s the solutions they were directly asking me was replacing that “lost” income and reclaiming family time. Imagine if you had an extra day to spend, worry-free, with your family and friends, or just blissfully alone?! How would that change your life? I bet you’d be able to show up for yourself, your family, and your clients in a whole new way.

Retail can seem daunting. It is not something you have to go overboard with or invest a ton of money into. 

  • Perhaps, like me, you want to offer a certain experience. The incense and palo santo I use to cleanse my studio space; I also have for sale. 
  • Client experiencing pain and puffiness from allergy season? I have cool rollers. 
  • We also have skincare for sale because clients speak with us about their skin concerns while working on them. Why not offer a wonderful facial mask for home? Or an eye cream to go with their new eyeliner or brows?

There are tons of wonderful products and providers to partner with on sites like Etsy and Faire. Many Etsy businesses will also work with you directly as a wholesale purchaser if you message them and ask them directly. 

Little space or not ready to invest in carrying physical product? You can find wholesalers who dropship (MySkinCare Buddy is excellent at this) or you can reach out to businesses on sites such as Etsy and craft a dropship relationship with the business owner directly. Remember, most Etsy businesses are small business owners like you. This would be a fantastic continuing source of revenue for them, as well as for your business. Look at you saving the economy and building empires!

Now that you have the retail or the dropship relationships, how do you sell without feeling pushy or desperate? You must first remember that you are merely solving the problems your clients are already bringing to you for advice and guidance. Therefore, they will be THRILLED to see your solutions! You are not pestering them or selling them. You are solving their problem as a beauty industry professional. Hype it up during your time with them on the table. Send out information to your email or text list. Add it to your Linktree and website. Do reels or posts or Lives about that product. If you are excited, they will be excited. 

Offering retail solutions is a key to increasing your profitability in your PMU business. If you’re looking to reclaim your life, build your business, or increase the value you offer your clients, it’s a core pillar of your business you should explore and become familiar with.

Follow Georgia @effortlessbeautyclinic and find how one artist positioned her studio in the market.

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