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Article: Skincare and Your Permanent Makeup by Emily Fabrocini

Skincare and Your Permanent Makeup by Emily Fabrocini

I don’t know about you but I’m trying to make my life as easy as possible. That means feeling beautiful with the least amount of effort possible. A nice glow to my skin, some Microblading or Ombre Brows, tinted moisturizer, gloss, and go! With the help of some permanent makeup and a good skincare regimen I pretty much can be ready in record time. The two don’t always go together... but they can with the right knowledge. First, we have to know a little about the fundamentals of skincare and PMU (permanent makeup). 

PMU nowadays is more like semi-PMU as in we don’t implant the pigment so deep that it lasts forever. That way you’re not stuck with something you don’t like, it also ages much better and the color doesn't fade to that awful grey or blue. But that means now most of the pigment sits more superficially, closer to the top layers of skin that are constantly being exfoliated. Our pigments are composed of many different colors (for instance brown is made up of red blue yellow sometimes white and black) and each different pigment molecules are different sizes. Companies alter them to get them to be as similar in size as possible but they will never be exactly the same. So when we unnaturally fade them, they can shift a little in color as the smaller color molecules leave, the others to stay, changing the tone of color.

Skincare now is so advanced and there are so many ingredients that get us closer to obtaining the fountain of youth. Some brighten, exfoliate, promote cellular turnover, even out texture, and control bacterial growth. Some require a prescription, some you get at Walgreens. Serums that promote cellular turnover, like retinol, will prematurely fade your PMU. 

When coming in for an appointment:

DO NOT throw away your products you’ll need them later! (Freckles are the only treatment I require clients to leave their skincare behind. That’s because it’s on a big surface area of the face and therefore avoiding the treated area isn’t possible) We want your skin to be as intact as possible when coming in for a service. You don’t want the barrier to be disturbed or thin due to these products. No blemishes or sunburns. Do not get facials, microdermabrasion, or laser treatments for at least 2 weeks prior. Discontinue any acids, serums, retinol, acne treatments (as long as it’s not doctor prescribed then check with them first), and anything that brightens like vitamin c at least 2 weeks prior. If getting your brows done then you may use them from the eyes down. 

While Healing:

Avoid facials and lasers and continue to only use the products from the eyes down for 2 weeks after your appointment. If you are getting a touchup then wait till 2 weeks after your touchup to go back to using it all over. 

For the duration of your PMU:

Be very careful to not put any of these products directly on the treated area ever! Make sure when you get a facial, they know you have had permanent makeup, so they know to avoid that area. Products can spread in the skin so I recommend about a half-inch at least away. Things that exfoliate can prematurely fade your PMU and you may need more frequent touchups. The same goes for retinol or anything promoting cellular turnover. When using things that brighten (Vitamin C) it can not only prematurely fade them, but it can also shift their colors as some of those molecules I talked about leave quicker. This is why you want to avoid using the products on the treated area, so you can keep your PMU staying fresh and lasting longer. 

Please check with your PMU artist for their recommendations, as everyone's pre-care may vary a little. Now you are armed with all you need to make sure your PMU lives happily ever after with your skincare and you can live your low maintenance glowed-up life! 

Follow Emily @empressbrowpdx and see our guide on how to care for PMU.

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