Hiring a Team For Your Studio, Pt. 1

Growing your business is super exciting.  There are  many steps to hire a team to meet the needs of your studio, and the first step is assessing your needs. 

There are a  few different scenarios you might find yourself in:

  1. Your existing team is fully and regularly booked.
  2. Your clients are having to  wait weeks or even months for an appointment.
  3. Your team is  not providing a consistent level of service and care.

Each scenario presents a different hiring need.  In scenarios a and c,  you may not need to hire additional staff, but rather distribute the workload so it’s more manageable for existing staff. It could also be that you need to replace staff to make the team run  more smoothly. 

If your appointments are backed up and it’s clear more help is needed, it’s time to further assess what kind of support your studio needs. For example, here are signs that your existing staff is being spread thin:

  1. Clients are waiting too long at reception on the day of the appointment.
  2. Messages are going unanswered.
  3. Artists are not able to provide pre- and post-procedure care due to time.

Each of those scenarios requires a different kind of support and the job description you will put out. Determine which tasks you feel comfortable handing off to someone. 

Having someone handle customer service duties like answering phones, replying to  messages, or taking payments and rebooking clients could  free up  time and energy for you to focus on servicing the client.

More technical assistance like station set-up, restocking inventory,  and behind-the-scenes support requires a different job description and could also alleviate the workload on your existing staff.

In conclusion, the first step to hiring a team and expanding your business is to assess and determine its needs so you can find the most optimal kind of help. 

Look out for part two coming soon!

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