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Permanent Makeup for Mature Women

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Did you know that as we age our skin changes? Brow hairs become sparse and lip color can fade as collagen decreases. But you know what? Permanent makeup artists know the power of great brows and lips. We’re sharing some tips on PMU that help mature women look great. 

Great brows

Having great brows means needing less makeup to create a polished look. Here are some solutions to common brow problems (but of course it depends on skin type!):

Out of control brows

Having naturally full brows is a good problem to have because fluffy brows are in style. For clients who have out of control brows, offermapping and shaping. After creating a desirable shape, all it takes is upkeep by tweezing, waxing or threading.  

Sparse brows

For clients with sparse brows who are used to filling in their brows with a pencil, offermicroblading or brow tinting. Microblading was made for this purpose! 

Badly shaped brows

A number of clients come to microblading to get brows in shape again. We recommenddigital blading to give brows a new look. 

The right lip color

Lips alone can change the whole face: no mascara, no powder, no concealer. Choose a color that is flattering to the skin tone. Withlip blushing, you could mix pigments to create a custom color for your client. The combos are endless: light eyes / bright lip, smokey eye / neutral lip, and dark eyes / light pink lip. When it comes to lips, think balance. 

Marketing to mature women

Think print instead of digital when marketing to mature women. Tap into word of mouth by offering a permanent makeup session for free so your services are known! 

Find groups that center this clientele, such as charity societies and women’s leagues. Advertise in their flyers. Look for events that they put on and see if you can sponsor a spot in the program. 

What are your favorite makeup tips for mature women? Let us know in the comments!

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