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Article: Reading List for February

Reading List for February

Love is on our mind this month! Is there a better month to think about romance and love in all its forms -- platonic, romantic, unconditional and more? Here are a few that we recommend, but honestly, it was hard to narrow it down with so much love to go around.

“The Two Lives of Lydia Bird” by Josie Silver

Lydia and Freddie are soulmates who have been together since they were 18. On Lydia’s 28th birthday, Freddie dies in a car accident. As Lydia begins to open herself to love again, she faces a choice between Freddie and someone new -- in real life. 

“Love & Other Thought Experiments” by Sophie Ward

“When you start to focus on something, everything else seems to connect to it,” says Sophie Ward. She takes a page out of many of our PMU artists’ books and speaks to taking risks, working through imposter syndrome, and creating your own form. 

“Likes” by Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

This collection of stories takes a look at our modern life, from Waldorf school fairs to IG posts, in quick, familiar and funny ways. Our favorite themes of friendship and parenthood make this one a must-read.

“Jack” by Marilynne Robinson

Jack and Della are both children of preachers. They find themselves drawn to each other in Jim Crow-era St. Louis, despite Jack being an aimless white man and Della being a Black high school teacher. This historical fiction is equal parts love and redemption.

“The Hating Game” by Sally Thorne

Overachievers and workplace love? Check! Lucy and Joshua are enemies at work; the only relationship they share is a competitive one. When they’re up for the same promotion, their competitive streak morphs into something like feelings for each other. 

What are you reading this month? Let us know in the comments!

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