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Article: Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

Written by Courtney Mony

Social Media is one of the most effective and free ways to grow your business. We need to show up in our socials to reach a wider audience, book more clients, and develop a unique voice in the market. More important than the exposure, social media provides an opportunity to build relationships with your target audience...your clients! Your followers + connections are people who know about you and your business and will most likely tell others about you. 

What message are you trying to send to your audience? Think of your social media content and interactions as part of a resume or portfolio of your work, a reflection of your professional attitude and a way to communicate what your brand is about. Avoid anything that others may consider negative or offensive. Social media platforms are designed to express individuality. Your page should communicate your brand values and appeal to your ideal client while making people feel welcome and want to be in your orbit. Express yourself in a positive way! It's not about selling all the time- it's about serving and educating, establishing yourself as an expert. 

Social media is becoming the go-to place for clients who want to learn more about a business. Most social media platforms allow businesses to offer the most up-to-date information about anything from services, products, or promotions. Let’s chat about a few of the different social media channels!


With over 1 billion people using Instagram each month, it is no wonder it is such a useful channel. Instagram demographics tend to draw a younger audience than Facebook. The best part about Instagram is that it is FREE! There are so many tools integrated into the platform that can help grow your business. 


Facebook is the OG of Social Media (besides MySpace) That being said, users 65 years and older are the fastest-growing group on Facebook. This is a great platform to target that specific demographic. Facebook is a great tool in addition to Instagram since they are integrated and therefore widen your audience.


Pinterest is a search engine and social platform that can connect you with your ideal demographic. It has over 300 million users, and two thirds are women. Studies have shown that a high percentage of users make over $75k per year, and use Pinterest to make their buying decisions. 


TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. It allows users to create short videos with music, filters, and some other features. TikTok provides a platform for users to express themselves in a very creative way. Videos can be uploaded to other social channels such as Instagram using IGTV + Reels. 

Social Media Profile Basics

Keep it professional.

Either a headshot or your logo. Use your bio to create a clear message about who/how you serve, and what problem you solve. 

Instagram Business Page/Facebook Business 

Link them together! Your business Page will allow you to keep track of insights such as post performance, profile visits, website clicks. See which posts are performing best. 


Pick a category that best describes your brand. (Beauty, Cosmetic + Personal Care)  

Show off! 

Your profile is essentially a portfolio. Many clients will search for you on social media so they can see your work. Use your bio to showcase all of your best skills. Are you licensed? Sponsored? Tag any brands you are affiliated with. Use keywords like "licensed" or "professional" 


Since stories disappear within 24 hours, highlights are a great way to keep them visible! Break your highlights into categories. Only choose content that is relevant. Name your highlight, and choose the best cover photo. (tip: your cover photo can be anything not just from your highlights) 


You can enable buttons such as contact, booking + shop on your profile. Make sure they are connected to the proper channels. (Website, booking site) 

Overall Aesthetic

When you look at your profile, it should look like a portfolio. Each post should stand out  individually while looking cohesive. (color scheme, cropping) Check out IG planning apps!

Get the most out of the algorithm!

Use new IG features. Keep users engaged longer by using video, multiple images +  inviting captions. Pay attention to your insights so you can post more of what brings the most traffic! Use the explore page to see the type of content users want to see. 

Use your social media to support other artists, build a community and engage with your clients. In building up yourself, build up other artists around you. It’s important for all the love to come full circle. It’s okay to let your guard down a little and let yourself shine! Embrace your individuality while showcasing your skills. You are unique and you have a voice that matters! 

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