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Peak Cerus PMU Needle Cartridges

Sale price$49.00

Cerus needles come in a variety of configurations that are appropriate for microblading procedures, so cosmetic professionals can work at a peak-level performance. Cerus cartridges also utilize a similar inner membrane to the ones found in the Peak Quartz and Onyx, providing maximum control and preventing pigment backflow. Cartridges are sold in box of 20.  

Key Features:

  • Inner membrane inhibits ink spit-back
  • Efficient cartridge removal and replacement
  • Sleek, hygienic design
  • Sterilized and individually packaged
  • Configurations for standard tattooing and cosmetic tattooing procedures
  • Compatible with a variety of cartridge system grips and machines

Compatible with HIRA Wireless Device.
Peak Cerus PMU Needle Cartridges - HIRA - MEI-CHA
Peak Cerus PMU Needle Cartridges Sale price$49.00