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MIDAS #18U Ultra Nano 0.16mm Microblading Needle

Sale price$ 40.00

Ultra fine 0.16mm nano needle in 18U configuration. Allows for use in both directions. Ideal for delicate strokes or adding texture around the main strokes. Perfect for clients with fine hair, no hair or very light hair. 

Premium Quality Materials: Our semi-flexible needles are made from medical-grade stainless steel, ensuring unparalleled durability and safety.

Patented Design for Precision: The Midas needle cartridge features ergonomic matte grip for comfortable holding and pre-configured angle for precise and efficient results every time.

Easy Twist On & Off Assembly: With our one-step twist-on and off assembly, you can now enjoy hassle-free needle changes. No more fumbling with tiny components – simply twist to secure the needle.

Individually Packed for Sterilization: Safety is our priority. Each Midas Needle is individually packed in a blister housing and gamma sterilized with lot and expiration date codes, ensuring a contaminant-free experience. 

Sold in 10 Needles Per Box.

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MIDAS #18U Ultra Nano 0.16mm Microblading Needle - MICROBLADING - MEI-CHA
MIDAS #18U Ultra Nano 0.16mm Microblading Needle Sale price$ 40.00