MIDAS #18U Ultra Nano 0.16mm Microblading Needle

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$ 40.00

Ultra fine 0.16mm nano needle in 18U configuration. Allows for use in both directions. Ideal for delicate strokes or adding texture around the main strokes. Perfect for clients with fine hair, no hair or very light hair. 

These microblading needles have been pre-configured to the perfect angle, resulting in more hygienic and efficient procedures. The matte grip allows for a more precise and comfortable holding. The one-step assembly also means you never have to touch the needles again. Each needle is individually packed in blister housing. Gamma sterilized with lot & exp date codes. 

Find your perfect needle with our MIDAS Needle Guide. 10 per box. Our Midas needles are only compatible with the MIDAS Stylus.

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