PMU Client Paperwork Packet

$ 10

We’ve shared why record keeping is so important, but what do your client forms currently look like? Are you protecting yourself? Learning clients medical history? Getting consent to use their face on your social? This permanent makeup specific client packet includes:

Client Registration Form
PMU Client Record Sheet
Media Release Form
Consent And Release Form
Medical Intake Form

Please note that this is an downloadable content and no physical product will be mail to you. Once purchased you will receive an email with a link to the printable file, which can be print from a printer.  We are unable to provide exchanges, cancellations or refunds on downloadable contents.

All forms provided provided are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for a professional legal advice or your county & state's health regulation. They are offered with the understanding that no legal advice, accounting, or other professional service is being offered by these documents or on this website. Regulation vary in the different states. It is important to consult local counsel whenever utilizing these forms. Forms may not be sold, distributed, forwarded or shared. Mass production, file sharing and commercial use of these forms is prohibited. By purchasing this packet, you acknowledge and agree to the above terms. 

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