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Sapphire Pro Kit

Sale price$ 225.00

The Sapphire Pro is an ideal lightweight device that is perfect for the beginner just starting out as well as professionals. It was designed for you, for comfort and ideal manageability for cosmetic applications. 

Detachable patented 3E combo needles aid in preventing pigment, blood residue, or bodily fluid contamination of the machine's electrical components. Lightweight, easy to manage stainless steel casing. Handles up to an eight prong needle

Contents: Sapphire Pro Device, Universal AC Adapter, Speed Control, (1) Single Prong Needle, (1) Two Prong Needle, (1) Three Prong Needle, (1) Four Flat Needle, (1) Five Prong Needle, (5) Pro Tips, (1) Autoclavable Casing, (5) Disposable Casings, (5) Disposable Couplers, and (1) Device Lubricator

Find your perfect Sapphire Pro Series Needle with our Sapphire Pro Needle Guide.

*Individual Sapphire Pro device is available to purchase for replacement purposes. Please contact us to inquire.

Download our Sapphire Permanent Makeup Device Manual here.

Sapphire Pro Kit - SAPPHIRE PRO - - MEI-CHA
Sapphire Pro Kit Sale price$ 225.00